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FEEDs stands for: Food, Ecosystem, and Educational Demonstration sites.

The Demonstration site part of the acronym represents the objective of FEEDs to designate garden projects in different geographical areas that may serve as a model for others who are looking at improving or starting their own community garden. And remember, a community garden is anywhere that people are gardening together on common ground. This could be anything from neighbors working together to beautify a corner by planting flowers to a large vegetable garden providing food security for those in need.

Here are some of the other objectives of FEEDs:

  • Maintaining this website for the public to share information and pictures of each of the gardens in all of the counties in Wisconsin.
  • Providing an e-mail list serve of gardeners so that community gardeners can more easily communicate among one another. This quick connection provides garden coordinators the ability to swap information, plants and any other garden equipment. Trading plants, tools, etc. is a great way to make good use of limited resources.
  • Providing education, support, resources, and research-based information to help strengthen garden projects. Stay up-to-date on workshops to help sustain your garden project and share intriguing ideas with like-minded gardeners.
  • Helping struggling gardens with supplies they may desperately need. Tools, seeds, transplants, educational materials can be received by donors.
  • And lastly, as previously mentioned, designating demonstration sites in each county so Wisconsin residents may visit and learn from sustainable gardens.


Interested in Organizing a Garden in your Community?


FEEDs is a grant-funded project facilitated by the UW-Extension. Learn more about the FEEDs list serve